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What does the future hold for travel and city life? Our travel behaviour and lifestyles are likely to change beyond all recognition up to 2030 or 2050.

Achieving a carbon efficient transport system, whilst still improving wider sustainability and quality of life objectives, is likely to be no easy task. The Vibat series of projects seek to explore these difficult issues. They explore a range of very different contexts - including national and city-based case studies - and demonstrate the potential policy pathways towards demanding strategic carbon reduction targets.

A number of empirical methodologies are used, including forecasting, scenario testing and backcasting. All of the projects demonstrate the considerable efforts needed to achieve carbon efficiency in transport, including markedly changed investment patterns and the development of new incentives and mechanisms for delivery. The most difficult emerging area is in engaging decision makers and the public in defining and 'owning' new pathways towards substantial lifestyle change.

The projects involve collaboration between a number of organisations depending on actual project, but are led by the Halcrow Group and University of Oxford, Transport Studies Unit.


  • INTRA-SIM Oxford project image
    INTRA-SIM Oxford
    in development
  • Vibat India & Delhi project image
    Vibat India & Delhi
    Asian Development Bank
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  • Vibat London project image
    Vibat London
    UrbanBuzz Programme
    2007 - 2009
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  • Vibat London TC-SIM project image
    UrbanBuzz Programme
    2007 - 2009
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  • VIBAT-Victoria (Canada) project image
    VIBAT-Victoria (Canada)
    in development
  • Vibat UK project image
    Vibat UK
    UK Department for Transport
    2004 - 2006
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Dr Robin Hickman
Associate Director,
Transport Research Sector,
Halcrow Group Ltd,
W6 7BY

Research Fellow
Transport Studies Unit
University of Oxford, South Parks Road
Oxford, OX1 3QY

Professor David Banister
Professor of Transport Studies
Transport Studies Unit,
University of Oxford,
South Parks Road,

Papers & Publications

Hickman, R. and Banister, D. (2007)
Looking over the horizon: Transport and reduced CO2 emissions in the UK by 2030.
Transport Policy, 14 (5), pp. 377-387.
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Hickman, R. et al (2009)
Vibat London reports and TC-SIM now available.
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