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The Vibat studies involve a range of people from various consultancies and academia.

  • Dr Robin Hickman
    Robin is an Associate Director and transport planner at Halcrow with wide experience in transport planning and policy research. He leads the transport research sector at Halcrow and is a Research Fellow at the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford. He is a specialist on transport and climate change issues, urban structure and travel and integrated transport and urban planning strategies.

  • Professor David Banister
    David is Professor of Transport Studies at the Oxford University Centre for the Environment. Until recently he was Professor of Transport Planning at University College London. He has also been Research Fellow at the Warren Centre in the University of Sydney (2001-2002) on the Sustainable Transport for a Sustainable City project and was Visiting VSB Professor at the Tinbergen Institute in Amsterdam (1994-1997). He will be a visiting Professor at the University of Bodenkultur in Vienna in 2007. He is a Trustee of the Civic Trust and Chair of their Policy Committee (2005-2009).

  • Olu Ashiru
    Olu is a Consultant in transport planning at Halcrow and a Director of Takedo International. He is a specialist in accessibility planning, transport modelling, data analysis, transport and climate change and the built environment and travel. He is also completing his PhD at Imperial College, London.

  • Sharad Saxena
    Sharad contributed to the VIBAT London and VIBAT Delhi studies. He is a DPhil student at the University of Oxford and now works at the Asian Development Bank on transport and climate change issues.

  • Catherine Seaborn
    Catherine is a Consultant in transport planning at Halcrow with previous experience at TfL and FoTenn urban planning consultancy (Canada). Her expertise covers both technical and policy aspects of transport planning with particular emphasis on the interrelationships between transport and the urban realm. She holds masters degrees in City Planning and in Transportation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • Dr Annabel Bradbury
    Annabel contributed to the literature review for the VIBAT London study.

  • Alain Chiaradia
    Alain has been a practising registered architect since 1988. He has experience of working in both the public and private sectors, undertaking work ranging in scale from architecture options studies to strategic urban design and regeneration projects. Alain studied industrial design before gaining a diploma in architecture at the School of Architecture in Paul Nelson Studio, Marseilles, France. He studied in Italy with Daniel Libeskind, and gained a Post-Graduate Diploma from the Architectural Association, London. Alain joined Space Syntax as a Research and Project Consultant in 2000 and became a Director in June 2004.

  • Chris Stutz
    Chris started at Space Syntax as a project Consultant and System Administrator in 2000 and became a Director in 2006. He has worked as an Information and Communications Specialist at an American architecture firm and as a librarian in a variety of settings.

  • Jorge Gil
    Jorge is a registered architect from Portugal specialised in digital technologies applied to architecture and the built environment. Jorge joined Space Syntax in 2004 as Simulation Developer and became an Associate in 2006, coordinating Research and Development activities. He is involved in the research of new design, analysis and visualisation methodologies applied to space syntax practice and the development of a GIS software platform to support consultancy projects. He also conducts strategic analysis of work processes towards the implementation of improved workflows and systems. Finally he is involved in the training of staff and interns in the use of the latest technologies.

  • Zupa's logo
    Zupa specialise in rich internet applications, accessible websites, 2D / 3D visualisation, mapping tools and researching the creative potential of new technologies. The company was created by Gavin Baily and Jasia Ward who have over ten years experience in creating stimulating interactive content in areas covering education, museum exhibitions, architecture and design. Zupa were invited by Halcrow and Space Syntax to design and develop the TC-SIM tool and the website.

  • Bally Meeda
    Urban Graphics is a collective of creative designers and cartographers specialising in graphic design and illustration for urban design, planning and transport projects.
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Asian Development Bank
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UK Department for Transport
2004 - 2006
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UrbanBuzz Programme
2007 - 2009
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UrbanBuzz Programme
2007 - 2009
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