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TC-SIM is an interactive simulation tool that allows users to make choices about their future lifestyles in order to reduce transport carbon emissions.

In the simulation the stakeholders are able to make decisions about the packaging of low emission vehicles, alternative fuels, pricing regimes, public transport, walking and cycling, urban planning (strategic and local urban design), ICT developments, “smarter choices” (travel planning and car sharing), ecological driving and lower speeds, freight transport logistics use, long distance travel substitution (air to rail) and air demand reduction.

The objective in playing the game is to package the options in a manner that is acceptable to the user, yet reduces carbon emissions in the transport sector. TC-SIM is calibrated to the London situation using data from Transport for London (TfL) and the Greater London Authority (GLA).

TC-SIM is web-based and offers an innovative, and potentially very flexible, means of decision-making. It is a non-real-time collaborative experience where several individual users can interact within the same model and establish a dialogue about the decisions being made.

The simulation tool is easily adapted to different spatial locations by loading different background material and baseline information, without having to make changes to the rules set. It can be tuned or “pitched” at audiences of different ages or make up. One key outcome is an awareness of how, in particular circumstances, individual choice may lead to community negative outcome, an extreme example of which is the “tragedy of the commons”.

Below are some screenshots of the game. Clicking on them opens up a larger version of the image.

  • Intro screen of TC-SIM
    Intro screen of TC-SIM
  • Role screen
    Role screen
  • Policy Packages
    Policy Packages
  • Choosing Policy Packages
    Choosing Policy Packages
  • Chart Screen
    Chart Screen

[Note. TC-SIM uses data kindly supplied by TfL, GLA and others. TfL has developed and uses its own transport and CO2 models].

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Dr Robin Hickman
Associate Director,
Transport Research Sector,
Halcrow Group Ltd,
W6 7BY

Research Fellow
Transport Studies Unit
University of Oxford, South Parks Road
Oxford, OX1 3QY

Professor David Banister
Professor of Transport Studies
Transport Studies Unit,
University of Oxford,
South Parks Road,

UrbanBuzz Programme

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